5 Foods That Can Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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If you’re in search of a gentler way to achieve a brighter smile, you’re in luck! There are natural ways to protect your smile and reveal natural whiteness without harsh products. Over the counter whitening strips and professional treatments at your Dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado are options for achieving pearly whites. Each remedy has its pros and cons, some may not whiten every tooth, while others could result in tooth sensitivity. As your favorite Colorado Springs dentistry, we’ve gathered natural food options below to help obtain your brightest smile. Simply incorporate these vegetables and fruits that contain key ingredients that shield teeth from decay and fight hard to remove plaque.

Strawberries have nutritional benefits and also help keep your teeth white with malic acid functioning as a whitener and astringent by removing surface tooth discoloration. The vitamin C in strawberries can also help prevent gum inflammation and periodontal disease. Whether you eat them in salads, desserts, or cereal, you’ll be whitening your smile!

Here’s another reason to smile for the camera and “say cheese” when taking pictures. Cheese is one of the various dairy products that contain lactic acid and enamel-fortifying mineral calcium that strengthens and whitens your teeth. The chewing process stimulates the production of saliva, which washes away stains caused by the build-up of food particles.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away and it can keep the dentist away too! Apples contain malic acid, an enzyme and natural astringent that helps remove surface stains from tooth enamel. The skin of the apple also helps scrub surface stains and bacteria from your mouth.
Celery is a beneficial fibrous chewy veggie that helps keep teeth white and gum tissue healthy. High in water content, great for by washing away food debris and strengthening gums. Raw veggies are one of the healthiest snacks out there that benefit your smile too.
Cauliflower is one of those foods that requires a lot of chewing. The longer it takes to break down your food, the more saliva you produce which acts a natural cleanser for your teeth to keep them shining brightly.
While there are some foods that can provide a natural approach to keeping your teeth looking great, they may not erase years’ worth of stains. They can help you keep your teeth whitened for a longer time before you visit your dentist in Colorado Springs and use whitening products again.