ClearCorrect Colorado Springs for a Confident Smile Without Braces

ClearCorrect allows you to have the straighter, confident smile you have always wanted. At Crossroads Family Dentistry, our dedicated team of dental professionals is experienced in treating patients with ClearCorrect.
ClearCorrect is an FDA approved orthodontic treatment that is a virtually invisible technique to straightening your teeth without the need for conventional metal braces. With ClearCorrect Colorado Springs, a series of clear plastic aligners are used to progressively move your teeth. The aligners are crafted using a clear, strong BPA-free medical-grade plastic and are nearly invisible when worn. While having a similar look to tooth-whitening trays, ClearCorrect is custom made to allow for a better fit.

At Crossroads Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs, we use 3-D computer imaging to create a comprehensive treatment plan. This allows you to view the final positioning of your teeth prior to starting treatment. Next, a series of aligners are created to reposition your teeth over time. Every two weeks, you will change aligners until your smile is beautiful and straight, on average 9-15 months.

Clear, Removable, and Comfortable

ClearCorrect straightens your teeth without anyone noticing. Unlike traditional braces, with ClearCorrect, you can eat and drink the foods you want as you can easily remove the aligners. You can brush and floss as you normally would, ensuring good oral hygiene is maintained. Also, there are no wires or metal brackets that can lead to mouth irritation, which means you spend less time getting adjustments.
At Crossroads Family Dentistry, you can view your own virtual ClearCorrect treatment plan prior to starting so you can see how your straight teeth will look once your treatment is complete.

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