The Icon whitening system is a revolutionary technology used for the micro-invasive treatment of smooth surface and proximal caries lesions. These are the discolored or white spots that you can see on your anterior teeth. In one patient visit, and with no drilling, Icon can arrest the progression of early enamel lesions and white spot caries-like lesions. Icon treatments are done in office, in most instances in one visit, and with no discomfort to the patient! In one hour you can see a dramatic change in the appearance of your smile. For more information please call our office today!

Micro-invasive technology:

  • Arrests progression of lesions that are too advanced for fluoride therapy
  • Enables immediate treatment of lesions not yet advanced enough for restoration (drill &fill)
  • ends “wait & see” approach
  • Next step beyond minimally invasive approach to dentistry
  • No drilling or anesthesia required

Patient comfort—no drilling pain:

  • Arrests caries progress without unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue
  • Prevents lesion progression

Prolonged life expectancy of tooth:

  • Patients with poor compliance can be treated earlier
  • Treated lesions lose whitish appearance and look like healthy enamel

Cosmetic treatment of white spots in one patient visit:

  • Highly aesthetic alternative to microabrasion and restorative treatments of cariogenic white spots