Implant-Supported Prosthetics

Many individuals find themselves missing multiple teeth in either a single area of the mouth, or more than one area. Often this problem is solved with what we call a dental prosthetic, i.e. a partial, a denture, or a bridge of one material or another.  But these prosthetics often do not function like natural teeth, or they do not fit properly over time. Because most of these prosthetics are removable, they can be lost, broken, or eaten by your furry friends at home. So, are conventional prosthetics your ONLY option? 

Implant Supported Prosthetics – a modern solution for an age-old problem

Dental implants are ceramic or titanium root replacements that are surgically placed and naturally integrated with surrounding bone. This provides a post to attach a prosthetic, or false tooth to replace missing teeth. Single tooth implants are a great way to replace one or two missing teeth, but what if you had more than one missing tooth? You could get an implant supported partial denture, or an implant supported bridge! What if you were missing all your teeth on an upper or lower arch? You could even get a full implant supported denture. 

Why choose implant supported prosthetics?

  1. Implant supported prosthetics allow for a more custom fit 
  2. They look and feel like natural teeth 
  3. They are easier to clean and maintain 
  4. They provide more options on the type and strength in which your prosthetic is retained in your mouth

How do I get an implant supported prosthetic?

If you are interested in replacing missing teeth with an implant supported bridge, partial, or denture that’s great! Here are the steps you need to take. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! 

  1. At your next dental visit tell Dr. Tyng or Dr. Arango that you are interested in dental implants 
  2. Have a 3d bone scan done of the area with the missing teeth 
  3. Schedule consult with Dr. Tyng or Dr. Arango to review the bone scan and start on the road to tooth replacement 

If you would like more information regarding implant supported prosthetics, the benefits, and the process, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists today!